Visiting Colorado This Summer: Places to Visit

Visiting Colorado This Summer: Places to Visit

Colorado is one of the amazing states and an incredible holiday destination. You will never be disappointed with this state regardless of the place you visit. Traveling during the summer will be a wonderful time as you have plenty to see, a lot to do, numerous restaurants and a lot of places to lodge. There are endless things to see and do in this wonderful city when you hire rental24h Colorado and below are some of the beautiful sights that you can see in different parts of Colorado.


Great Sand Dunes National Park

These are situated 35 miles upper east of Alamosa, Colorado. They are the most noteworthy hills in North America, ranging up to 750 feet high. This recreation center itself covers 150,000 hectares of meadows, wetlands, ridges, woods, mountain lakes, and pinnacles. You can visit the sand and enjoy the sledding and skiing if you have not had enough of this in the snow. If you want a place which is busy, don’t hesitate to visit Sangre de Cristo mountains which are found behind the dunes and Medano Creek which is located at the foot of the dunes. The recreation center is busier during summer and the dunes can get very hot during this time. However, at the beginning and end of the day, you can definitely enjoy more.

Garden of the Gods

It is one of the most visited public parks and in the year 1971 it was declared a national natural monument. It is situated in the springs of Colorado. Here you will have a chance to see incredible steep rock formations. Making it the most famous place for individuals who like climbing rocks. The place is well known for offering some exciting activities such as hiking, mountain biking or horse riding. The geological formations here consist of red, blue, violet and white sandstone, conglomerates and limestone. In the area, you can see some large animals, such as the mule deer, the bighorn sheep, and the fox, and more than a hundred and thirty bird species of birds.


Island Lake

It sounds like something you would find in a more tropical place, but it’s actually in the San Juan National Forest. It is glacier water close to the town of Silverton. You will get a chance to see a flat-topped rock in the center of the lake when the water level drops, as this is how it got its name. It’s 12,400 feet and it only takes a steep four miles to get there, however it’s considered worthwhile. You will be welcomed by an amazing and beautiful, dark blue lake. In the summer months, you can see beautiful wildflowers everywhere.


Pikes Peak

You will see this peak at the foot of the Garden of the Gods. In the year 1803, Pikes Peak was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. It is widely known as it is one of the highly visited mountains in North America by a lot of guests from over the world.

Picketwire Canyonlands

This a place believed to be home to dinosaurs. It is found in the national Comanche meadows south of La Junta. When you visit this place, you will get an opportunity to see more than 1300 dinosaur footprints. You can as well get a chance to see dinosaur remains such as bones, fossils, and other trails.


If you want to travel to Colorado during the summer months, you are sure to find several attractions and activities that you can see and do. With your help of rental24h Colorado, you will explore the place and discover many wonders and attractions that will allow you to spend an entertaining and memorable moment.