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Lester Young (3,833 Songs)
Swing Time (cd73) The Kansas City Sessions (cmd-402) Giants Of Jazz Disc 1 Giants Of Jazz Disc 2

Henry Mancini (4,323 Songs)
Trail Of The Pink Panther Harry & Son Music Of Hawaii (k) Charade (k)

Douglas Adams (3,139 Songs)
Das Restaurant Am Ende Des Universums Cd4v5 Das Restaurant Am Ende Des Universums Cd5v5 Das Restaurant Am Ende Des Universums Cd3v5 Le Guide Du Voyageur Galactique - H2g2, 1 (cd1)

Roger Waters (4,156 Songs)
2002 - Flickering Flame Free That Pig Cd2 2002-05-19 Numb In The Arena (2-2) 2002-05-17 Comfortably In The Arena (2-2)

Rage Against The Machine (3,160 Songs)
960813 Philadelphia, Pa Renegades, Disc 2 Live At The Quad Live From Hultsfred

Nine Inch Nails (6,651 Songs)
Pretty Hate Machine - Remastered The Fragile - Disc 1 (left - Halo Fourteen) The Fragile - Disc 2 (right) And All That Could Have Been (disc-1: Live)

Freddy Quinn (3,830 Songs)
Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht Erinnerungen Von Hans Albers Country-hits Original Freddy Quinn (disc 1) + (karaoke Auf Disc 2)

Johannes Brahms (6,839 Songs)
Ultimate Brahms: Symphonies 1 & 3 (disc 1) Ultimate Brahms: Symphonies 2 & 4 (disc 2) Ultimate Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1 & Haydn Ultimate Brahms: Violin Concerto & Concerto F

Rush (9,425 Songs)
Retrospective Ii 1981-1987 (314_534_910-2) Presto (7_82040-2) Moving Pictures (800_048-2) Caress Of Steel (822_543-2_m-1)

Sound Ideas (21,030 Songs)
7004 Trailer Trax Ttx-03 Trailer Trax Ttx-02 Trailer Trax Ttx-04

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